Want to Help the Nashville Scottish Rite Foundation?


Want to Help the Nashville Scottish Rite Foundation?


Would you like to contribute financially to the Nashville Scottish Rite Foundation, at no cost to yourself?  If you shop online with Amazon, you can easily set up your account to contribute a percentage of each purchase you make to our charitable foundation.  Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1 - Go to smile.amazon.com or click on the Rite Care Support link at the top of this page, and log in with your Amazon username and password:




Step 2 - Under "Or pick your own charitable organization" type Nashville Scottish Rite and click the Search button:



Step 3 - Click the Select button that appears to the right of "Nashville Scottish Rite Foundation Inc" to select us as the charitable organization that you wish to support:



Step 4 - From now on, any time you go to Amazon to make purchases online, be sure to go to smile.amazon.com (you may want to make new bookmarks to help you remember).  Every time you make a purchase, Amazon will donate .05% of what you spend to the Nashville Scottish Rite Foundation.   You can verify that you're set to make this contribution by looking at the upper left-hand corner of your screen.  You should see the following:




Thank you for supporting the Nashville Scottish Rite Foundation.