Nashville Scottish Rite Foundation, Inc.

 Ill. Bros. Ronald A. Seale, SGC, and Joseph O. Martin, SGIG in Tenn., in the anechoic chamber of the new RiteCare center. The anechoic chamber is a research facility designed to create an echo-less environment for pure-sound research. Studies in this chamber include the perception of sound in motion, the perception of sound localization, and other basic research that can lead to the development of new hearing aid technology.


The Nashville Scottish Rite Foundation, Inc. was issued a Charter by the State of Tennessee on February 11, 1977. The purpose of the foundation is to provide charitable, educational, and/or scientific outreach opportunities for the Nashville Scottish Rite. For a number of years following its inception, the foundation dispensed its assets to a number of charities in the Nashville area.

Beginning in 1992, the foundation named as its adopted charity, "The Bill Wilkerson Center, Inc." For this consideration, the Bill Wilkerson Center renamed its research department the "Scottish Rite Masons Research Institute for Communication Disorders." Since that time, the Research Center has received over $700,000 from the Nashville Scottish Rite Foundation, Inc.


For more information about RiteCare® , the Scottish Rite's national Chilhood Language Program, visit their website.