31st ° - Inspector Inquisitor

Let us inspect our own inner self and inquire into our own acts and motives.

The title of this Degree conveys the thought of self-examination. Every man, and more especially every Mason, should ponder prayerfully and soberly on his thoughts and acts of the day. Thw wrongs of today must not be repeated on the tomorrow, for each day should add some light and truth for our guidance for the next, and then as time goes by our characters should be so far above reproach that the world would instinctively say: "There is a good man for he is a Mason."





32nd ° - Master of the Royal Secret

Be one who loveth wisdom and coveteth knowledge, that you may hereafter be a benefactor of men.

In this Degree the crowning point is reached by those who have studied and thought. The Royal Secret like the occult science of the ancients is concealed even here - but remember, "Faith begins where Reason sinks exhausted." Magic, contrary to the belief of many, is but the absolute science of nature and its laws, hence the Star of Hope shines for us as truly as it did for the Wise Men of the East two thousand years ago. Today, as in the first days of the creation, the universal equilibrium still retains its predominant position in the eternal plan of the Omnipotent. Good and evil, right and wrong, justice and mercy, attraction and repulsion, balance each other to teach us to remember ourselves as immortal souls, retaining for each other respect and charity and remembering always that each is slowly climbing to the State of Perfection, the final Goal of all.